MPS Track 2018


Track Closure: 2020 - 2021 Season 

After thorough discussion and consideration of a wide variety of company plans, concerns, and standards set by the provincial government, we have decided to delay the opening of the track at Monarch Park Stadium to no earlier than December 1st 2020. All track clubs and members will not be permitted access during this time period.

We hope you can understand this decision was made with the purpose of ensuring the safety of our staff and user groups during these unique times.

Track Seasons

Outdoor Season = May to October
During the outdoor season, the track is FREE for community use. Please feel free to use the fields if they are not in use. If you are interested in renting out the track for private use, please contact the Track Supervisor.

Indoor Season = November to April
During the indoor season, the track operates with a membership system. For more information about the Indoor season, please see below.

Indoor Track Hours: 2019/2020 Season

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 12:00am 
Saturday 7:30am - Last Rentali
Sunday 7:30am - Last Rental 
School Hoursii 7:00am - 5:00pm 

i. Last rental depends on field use, please call the Front Desk (416-466-2255) if you plan on running after 6:00pm.
ii. School Hours are open to the public, however school staff reserve the right to ask runners to leave the facility during school hours

1)    When is MPS Track available for community use?

The track is open and available to all users during facility hours. Hours change based on indoor or outdoor season. Please verify our website for Facility Hours. All closures and special circumstances are posted on the website with as much notice as possible. 

2)    Do I have to pay to use the track? What about when my son or daughter is playing soccer?

During the indoor season, the track operates on a pay-per-use system with memberships and day passes available for purchase through our front desk. All track users must pay to use the track during the indoor season including parents of children using the field. 

During the outdoor season, there is no cost to use the track.

3)    What are Non-Peak and Peak hours for MPS Indoor Track?

Non-Peak Hours:
Monday – Friday, from 6:30am to 4:00pm 
Monday – Sunday, from 9:00pm – Close

Peak Hours:
Monday – Thursday, from 5:00pm – 9:00pm

4)    What areas of access are granted to MPS Track users?

MPS Indoor Track memberships include access to the track, change rooms, washrooms, showers (towels not provided), and lockers.

Lockers are available for day use at no cost or long term over night rental for a small fee.

5)    What kind of equipment can runners use on the track (stroller, walker, spikes, poles, etc.)?

Runners are permitted to use spikes on the track. Strollers and walking aids are accepted on the track during non-peak hours. Please verify all walking aids with the Front Desk before starting your work out.

6)    What is the length of the track and how do the lanes work for runners and walkers?

MPS track is 370m making it the longest indoor track in the City of Toronto. Runners are to run only in a counter-clockwise direction for the safety of our users crossing the track to enter the fields.

Lane 3 is the fast lane (Measures 370.67 metres distance around track) while lane 4 is best for walking and slower jogging. Users must be single file around the track at all times. Please take precaution when passing around corners.

7)    What is the refund or cancellation policy on Track Passes and Memberships?

There are no cancellations or refunds on MPS Track Passes. For any special circumstances, please contact our Track Supervisor.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Facility Track

2019-20 Indoor Track Information Rates (all rates include taxes)

Youth/Seniori Adult Track Identificationii
Day Pass
$ 8.00 $ 10.00 Wristband
10-Day Pass 
$ 70.00 $ 90.00 Wristband
Monthly Pass
$ 65.00  $ 75.00  Membership card
Paid in Full Season Pass
$ 250.00 $ 300.00 Membership card
For all group and track club rates, please contact the Track Supervisor

i. Youth Age is 18 and under. Senior age is 65 and up. Seniors walk free Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:00am - 10:00am.

ii. All track users must have Track Identification with them when running on the track. Day pass and 10-Day Pass users must purchase or collect a Temporary Wristband from the Front Desk. All other users will receive an MPS membership card..

Track Pass & Membership Information
  • Track rates apply during the winter months only (November 1st, 2019 - April 26th, 2020). The track is free for all community members during the outdoor season.
  • Day Passes are applicalbe for the entire day. If a user would like to run at two separate times in the day, please ask for a receipt at reception.
  • 10-Day Passes expire as of May 4th, 2020. 10-Day Passes are acceptable for any 10 days and do not need to be used on consecutive days. 
  • Monthly Passes are valid for 30 days and expire afterwards. Monthly passes are only available until April 4th, 2020.
  • Paid in Full Season Passes are only available for purchase between October 28th, 2019 and December 31st, 2019. Passes are not prorated. 
Indoor Track Rules
  1. All track users must pay/sign in at the front desk and wear/have Track Identification.
  2. Track is for running & walking only. Spectators must stay inside curtains.
  3. The track is run only in a counter-clockwise direction for the safety of our users entering crossing the track to enter the field.
  4. Lane 1/2: Groups of 2
    Lane 3: Fast Lane (Exactly 370.67 metres around track)
    Lane 4: Slow Lane (Walking/Speed Walking)  

Please see below to print and fill out MPS 2019-2020 Indoor Track Pass Registration Form.

Pass - Indoor Track Registration Form
Fill out this registration form to gain access to the track with a Day Pass, 10-Day Pass, Monthly Pass and Paid in Full Season Pass. Forms must be filled out on your first visit of the season only.