MONARCH PARK STADIUM UPDATE - STADIUM WILL BE CLOSED MAY 3RD AND 4TH FOR OUR DOME DOWN PROCESS.  Track will re-open outdoors after our dome down process.







Facility Rules:

  1. Track and fields are for PAID users only.
  2. There is no loitering and no balls on the track. There is only running or walking allowed on the track unless otherwise authorized by MPS Staff.
  3. Track is use at your own risk so please be alert for flying objects on the track and field. 
  4. No spiked shoes on the track or objects on the track(ie. hurdles, cones etc). 
  5. The following isNOTpermitted in the stadium: food, drink, bikes, coffee, spitting, pets, smoking and alcohol.
  6. Service dogs are allowed 
  7. Monarch Park Stadium is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.