Check out MPS new High Performers Program! The program is designed to introduce young athletes to "off the field training." Suitable for ages 8 - 13, High Performers follows Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Plan to provide extra fitness training in their competitive sports. As their bodies are rapidly growing, it is important for young athletes to foster the correct motor patterns. These athletes are set up for athletic success to prevent injuries and expand range of motion.

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Ages 8 - 13
Day & Time Sunday; TBD
Schedule TBD
Location MPS Fitness Studio
Price TBD
Program Description High Performers offers a development program for young athletes to provide "off the field training" and prepare youth for a successful athletic career.
Equipment Free Weights, Boxes, Bosu Balls, TRX equipment, training bands and much more
Program Highlights
  • 1 hour of Strength and Conditioning exercises
  • Develop body coordination and proper motor patterns as bodies are rapidly growing
  • Increase speed, agility, strength and endurance

John Brucker
Bachelor of Kinesiology,  CSCS certification with the NSCA




 Facility Track
Resilience Fitness

Resilience Fitness leads and supported by people in their pursuit of freedom; mind, body and soul. From group training to yoga, every class is inspired and maintained by four pillars: people matter, results matter, integrity matters and community matters. Try out this high intensity circuit training mornings and evenings at Monarch Park Stadium.
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Sheri EssentricsĀ® - Aging Reversing Classes

Discover how to reawaken the power of your 650 muscles and help increase mobility, improve flexibility and build strong bones. The Age Reversing workout will release tight muscles, address issues of chronic pain, rebalance the joints and strengthen the entire body. Pre-registration required.
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Monarch Park Stadium offers personal and group training based on your goals, abilities and lifestyle. MPS trainer will work together to create a training plan to keep you motivated through fun and challenging exercises.

Meet the Trainer: John Bruckers has a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesioogy from Brock University. Graduated in 2012, John is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He brings a science-based approach with years of competitive athletic experience to his coaching.

MPS Fitness Studio is available for personal trainer and group rentals. There is daytime, evenings and weeekend availability. Get that extra training for your sports team or yourself!

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 Facility Track

1)    Is MPS Fitness Studio available to the public?

The public can access MPS Fitness Studio in four ways:

1- High Performers Program
2- Group Fitness Classes
3- Personal or Group Training
4- Private or Group Rentals

2)    Can I bring my own personal trainer?

Absolutely, please have your personal trainer contact Kenzie Bertrand to find available time to use the facilities.

3)    Where is the Fitness Studio located at Monarch Park Stadium?

The fitness studio is located on the south-west corner of the track.

4)    What kind of equipment is available and can I bring in my own equipment with my personal trainer?

MPS Fitness studio offers squat rackets, free weights, bosu balls, exercise balls, TRX equipment, sleds and much more. If you are looking for more equipment, please contact Kenzie Bertrand first as we may have equipment not readily visible, but still available.

5)    What are the Fitness Studio hours?

The Fitness studio is open the same hours as Monarch Park Stadium, but not always available due to classes. Please contact Kenzie Bertrand to confirm hours for your personal trainer.

Fitness Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.