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A Facility Focused on Community Activity for the Entire Family!

Home to PA Day, Holiday, March Break and Summer Camps!

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Offering Soccer and Baseball Development and Leagues to Youth in the Community

Please help to make MPS a safe environment for the surrounding community and families by following MPS Safety and Traffic Reminders.


Soccer & Baseball

Baseball and Soccer

Floor Hockey (EH*)

floor hockey


MPS Little Leaguers is a sports development program founded to develop physical literacy and promote an early love of sport! Early participation in multiple sports leads to better overall athletic development, skills building and a longer playing career. MPS Little Leaguers features:

  • Soccer and Baseball:
    • Active Start (Ages 2-4) including development in preparation for Junior League.
    • Junior League (Ages 5-7) including weekly games with development, coaching and strong emphasis on kicking, throwing, catching and running.
  • Floor Hockey (Earl Haig P.S.*):
    • Junior League (Ages 5-7) including development and weekly games with strong emphasis on the fundamentals. Focus on hand eye coordination, playing as a team and learning the game.
    • Senior League (Ages 8-12) including development and weekly games with strong emphasis on game competition, sportsmanship and honing hockey skills.

All MPS Club instructors and referees are certified coaches in their respective sports and have experience coaching and instructing children. For more information about Little Leaguers programs, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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